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Comics & Zines

Between Sand & Sea – $12

A call to the sea, a call to the shore, a call home. When their family leaves the coast, a youth struggles with life away from the only home they know. Their longing calls the sea inland until a choice must be made, tide the changes this brings, or chart an uncertain path to find what it means to come home. Originally released as a part of the 2022 ShortBox Comics Fair. 6×8.5 in., 30 pages, color.

See Jesse Eoin’s review!

STLT – $5

In the distant future, KIT lives above Earth on a satellite monitored by an AI named RED. After a last-ditch effort’s failure to create a habitable atmosphere, KIT must decide if they should descend to Earth to restart life or live within RED sheltered from reality. Collaboration with writer/letterer Rico Taveras, Amer. Standard comic, 8 pages, color.

Hourly Comics 2022 – $2

My comic for the 2022 Hourly Comics Day. Printed off my home printer so probably not worth shipping by itself. Read the whole comic starting here. 4×3-ish in., 6 pages, color.

Cover illustration for Where the Lotus Sleeps. Kerris, the main character kneels on a giant lily pad to scoop a lotus from the water. In the background pink clouds billow, overlapped by giant mushrooms and swamp trees.Where The Lotus Sleeps -$10

Where the Lotus Sleeps follows a young mage, Kerris, as they learn how their understanding of themself and their gender impacts their magic. Finalist in the Fantasy Category of the 2022 Minicomics Awards run by the Salt and Honey Podcast. 6×8.25 in., 26 pages, color.

Front cover of Curfew. The protagonist is surrounded by clouding tear gas as they face down a wall of riot cops. The bright colors and contrasting warm and cool tones heighten the tense mood.
Curfew – $5

Curfew is a comic inspired by the 2020 Black Lives Matter uprisings in Richmond, Virginia and the music of Bob Marley and the Wailers. Solidarity and community stand strong in the face of brutality. 8.5×5.5 in., 8 pages, color.

Hourly Comics 2023 – $2

My comic for the 2023 Hourly Comics Day. Printed off my home printer so probably not worth shipping by itself. Read the whole comic here. 2.5x4ish in., 8 pages, greyscale.

Mnemosyne’s Well – $7

Mnemosyne’s Well is a comic about forest wanderings, friendship, and feelings. When one friend gets separated from the group they discover a well reflecting their memories together. Originally released as part of the 2021 ShortBox Comics Fair. 5.5×8.5 in., 16 pages, color.

The cover of The Just Opposed, 4-color risoprinted chapbook zine. The cover includes the title, author's name and credits Terrance Hayes for the creation of the Golden Shovel form as well as Danez Smith for the line that this Golden Shovel chapbook is founded on. A black youth in a hoodie stands on the scales of justice, weighed as lighter than a pile of bullets. A halo effect surrounds the youth.
The Just Opposed – $5

The Just Opposed is an illustrated poetry zine collecting Golden Shovel poems about the injustice that young black men face. The color scheme was informed by the Black Liberation Flag. Line taken from Danez Smith’s juxtaposing the black boy and the bullet. 8.5×5.5 in., 8 pages, color.

More about the Golden Shovel

Dusty & Honey’s Pathetic Gift – $2

Dusty and Honey are the hench-creatures of an eldritch entity approaching its ????? birthday. The two realize they’ve missed their exalted boss’ previous birthdays and conspire to make this year’s gift really count. Save on shipping and get the printable download on my Ko-fi. 2.5×4-ish in., 8 pages, color.


Tabloid (11×17 in.) – $30 | Digest (5.5×8.5 in.) – $10 | Mini (4×6 in.) – $3
Other prices as listed, title & available sizes are under image.

EVA 00 – Tabloid & Digest

Shadow of the Colossus fanart. Phalanx, a flying serpentine colossus floats over a desert landscape littered with arches. Wander and Agro chase the colossus with a raised sword. In the background the Main Temple can be seen. The foreground has the game's title.Shadow of the Colossus: Phalanx – Tabloid & Digest

A Star Wars Bantha redesign inspired by the art of the Hopi and Navajo people. Luke's sand speeder have been reshaped into a sand sleigh pulled by a Bantha that's based on the desert peccary that lives on Hopi lands. In the background are the two stars of Tattoine and desert dunes.Star Wars Redesign: Bantha – Digest & Mini

When I Was Me Front Cover – 8.25 in. Square, $15

Buy the complete volume here!

Evangelion Unit 01 is mid scream, the shadows of its gullet framing Shinji who has a haunted look on his face. Framing the two on a mint green background are small Mass Produced Evangelion Units pointing lances at Shinji.EVA 01 – Tabloid & Digest

The Owl House: Hunter & Belos – Tabloid & Digest

A Star Wars Yam'rii redesign. The insect's carapace has been reimagined to fit with samurai inspired armor. The mantis-like alien is crouched in an agressive stance. They are silhouetted by Tattoine's suns and Mos Eisley's skyline in the background.Star Wars Redesign: Yamr’ii – Digest & Mini

When I Was Me Comic – 8.25 Square in., $15

Lotus Lenticular – Digest Only, $15

Hand-assembled lenticular print of a 10-frame animation. Limited copies left.

Narrative illustration of the creation of a mushroom creature called a sporren. Other sporren gather in a cathedral to witness.Mycelysis – Tabloid & Digest

A Star Wars Leia redesign inspired by Medea of Colchis from Jason and the Argonauts (1963). Leia's clothing resembles Carrie Fisher's iconic white dress while including patterned elements from Urartan/Colchis' historical art. Leia is being detained, Vader's lightsaber and shadow are in the foreground. Stormtroopers emerge from the shadows to grab her arms.Star Wars Redesign: Leia – Digest & Mini

A poster design depicting a werewolf in the woods. The cycle of the moon leads to the wolf's head which is framed in the full moon. A severed hand hangs from it's mouth dripping blood into the pool at it's paws. Framing elements depicted wolfsbane flowers and a village.Werewolf ReEnvisioned – Digest

Flights Path – 8×10 in., $20