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Comics and Zines

Where the Lotus Sleeps – $10

Cover illustration for Where the Lotus Sleeps. Kerris, the main character kneels on a giant lily pad to scoop a lotus from the water. In the background pink clouds billow, overlapped by giant mushrooms and swamp trees.

Where the Lotus Sleeps follows a young mage struggling to understand themself and their magic. 6×8.25 in., 32 pages, full color.


Curfew – $5

Front cover of Curfew. The protagonist is surrounded by clouding tear gas as they face down a wall of riot cops. The bright colors and contrasting warm and cool tones heighten the tense mood.

Curfew is a comic inspired by the 2020 Black Lives Matter uprisings and the music of Bob Marley and the Wailers. 5.5×8.5 in., 12 pages, full color.


The Just Opposed – $8

The Just Opposed depicted as an edition of 14. Only part of the cover image is visible, a black youth wearing a hoodie standing on the scales of justice. They have a halo and are weighed as lighter than the pile of bullets on the other side of the scales.

A risograph chapbook zine collecting Golden Shovel poems about the injustice young black men face. 5×8 in., 12 pages, three colors.


Lotus Lenticular Print – $15

A still frame from an animation of a lotus opening in Kerris' hands. The flower floats in a globe of light cupped by Kerris' hands. They have a soft smile on their face.

An animated panel from Where the Lotus Sleeps. Digitally printed and assembled by hand. Edition of 25, 4×6 in., 10 frame animation.


Anenome Glo-Ink Print – $15

A figure floats over a giant anemone deep underwater. There's an otherworldly glow the the anemone and reef in part because of glo-ink applied to the print.

Digital print of a giant sea anemone. Glo-ink was screenprinted by hand. 5.5×8.5 in.