Mnemosyne’s Well, a comic about forest wanderings, friendship, and
feelings. Originally released as part of the ShortBox Comics Fair, 2021.

  • Front cover of Curfew. The protagonist is surrounded by clouding tear gas as they face down a wall of riot cops. The bright colors and contrasting warm and cool tones heighten the tense mood.
  • Curfew page 1. Riot cops break up a protest by launcing tear gas. The main character startles and trips over the canister. Choking gas spews in their face and clouds the environment.
  • Curfew page 2. The protestor kicks the gas canister away, CLUNK, CLUNK, CLUNK. It lands at the boots of a riot cop. Only a teargas obscure the coughing protestor from the cop's vision.
  • Curfew page 3. A slow sequence of the riot cop slowly stepping away in search of the protestor. The handcuffs at their belt jingle ominously. The gas parts and the protestor can see the cop looming in the foreground.

Curfew, a comic inspired by the 2020 Black Lives Matter uprisings
and the music of Bob Marley and the Wailers, self-published, 2021.

  • Cover illustration for Where the Lotus Sleeps. Kerris, the main character kneels on a giant lily pad to scoop a lotus from the water. In the background pink clouds billow, overlapped by giant mushrooms and swamp trees.
  • First page of Where the Lotus Sleeps. The comic is rendered in pink and green. A sailboat approaches the viewer cutting through a marshy waterway. The two-woman crew is hard at work but pauses for a romantic embrace.
  • Where the Lotus Sleeps page 2. A splash page of marsh scene set agains a fading starry sky. In the foreground a crane catches a fish that's chasing a frog. The couple and their sailboat are headed towards a large collection of buildings in the distance.
  • Where the Lotus Sleeps page 3. Kerris the main character is studying a poem in their journal. Behind them classmates snicker as Kerris' magic goes haywire. Another peer ducks as Kerris's supplies go flying.
  • Where the Lotus Sleeps pages 16-17, spread. Kerris fulfills the poem Lavere told them. Wisps lead them onto the water and push them into an oversized lotus. The flower closes and sinks with Kerris inside it.

Where the Lotus Sleeps, a comic following a young mage, Kerris, who
struggles to understand themself and their magic, self-published, 2021.

  • The cover of The Just Opposed, 4-color risoprinted chapbook zine. The cover includes the title, author's name and credits Terrance Hayes for the creation of the Golden Shovel form as well as Danez Smith for the line that this Golden Shovel chapbook is founded on. A black youth in a hoodie stands on the scales of justice, weighed as lighter than a pile of bullets. A halo effect surrounds the youth.
  • The second spread of The Just Opposed. An original Golden Shovel poem Elegy for Trayvon Martin is imposed over a portrait of Martin, smiling in a white hoodie. A bullet ricochets off his chest.

The Just Opposed, a risograph chapbook zine printed by Clown Kisses Press, 2021.

“How Can I Do Better?”, a comic strip about antiracism for
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation/Inappropriate Questions Podcast, 2021.

Ouroboros, a comic where a knight fights her way through
a serpent-riddled tower, unsure if she’s the hunter or the hunted.
Originally published in Emanata: The End, 2021.