Where the Lotus Sleeps pages 16-17, spread. Kerris fulfills the poem Lavere told them. Wisps lead them onto the water and push them into an oversized lotus. The flower closes and sinks with Kerris inside it.
A Star Wars Leia redesign inspired by Medea of Colchis from Jason and the Argonauts (1963). Leia's clothing resembles Carrie Fisher's iconic white dress while including patterned elements from Urartan/Colchis' historical art. Leia is being detained, Vader's lightsaber and shadow are in the foreground. Stormtroopers emerge from the shadows to grab her arms.
Curfew page 3. A slow sequence of the riot cop slowly stepping away in search of the protestor. The handcuffs at their belt jingle ominously. The gas parts and the protestor can see the cop looming in the foreground.
Narrative illustration of the creation of a mushroom creature called a sporren. Other sporren gather in a cathedral to witness.
Shadow of the Colossus fanart. Phalanx, a flying serpentine colossus floats over a desert landscape littered with arches. Wander and Agro chase the colossus with a raised sword. In the background the Main Temple can be seen. The foreground has the game's title.
A poster design depicting a werewolf in the woods. The cycle of the moon leads to the wolf's head which is framed in the full moon. A severed hand hangs from it's mouth dripping blood into the pool at it's paws. Framing elements depicted wolfsbane flowers and a village.
Illustration of a poem titled "Shame" for Lucky Jefferson Literary Magazine. A person sits alone, high in a rough textured oak tree. Acorns and a wooden spoon stick out of knot holes.The moon is large and orange in the background.