Self-portrait of C.A.P. Ward. They're wearing joggers, hightop sneakers, a black t-shirt with white trim, and a backwards white baseball cap. Their curly black hair sticks out of the hat's holThe artist sits on their prized mini-longboard as they're too short for the real deal. A sketchbook is in one hand and they spin a pencil with the other. Their online handle @cevarra is framed in a lightning bolt.

C. A. P. Ward is a black illustrator, comic artist, and Richmond transplant by way of Baltimore. Visual storytelling is central to their work which spans a variety of mediums and genres. 

When they aren’t drawing, Ward is often found taking pictures of fungus, thinking way too hard about ice cream selections, or skating around Richmond’s giant potholes.

Their career aspirations are to illustrate comics and other narrative art or to become an interdimensional explorer. Whichever comes first. Reach out to for inquiries or to request a resume.