I’m an aspiring illustrator and a student artist currently attending VCUarts in Richmond. Originally I’m from the Baltimore area so I grew up bouncing between the Baltimore Museum of Art and the National Aquarium and the Baltimore Zoo. All three had a multitude of exhibits I loved to study and draw.

When I wasn’t sketching or sculpting my time was spent nose deep in whatever reading material I could get a hold of. Comic books, in particular, grabbed my attention. The first one I ever bought was X-Men Classics Edition 63 and I was hooked. Not only was there an epic battle against Dracula but I finally found a story that included a person of color! That representation has since inspired me to create work that gives other people that same jolt of excitement I felt. Our world is a diverse place and the stories we tell should reflect all the amazing cultures within it.

Narrative is another key element in my work, the symbols and characters I use reappear throughout my portfolio. I work in a variety of traditional and digital mediums including charcoal, ink, acrylic paint, graphite, digital painting, photo manipulation, and animation but overarching symbols unify my portfolio. Science fiction and fantasy often inspire my work so motifs from those genres often appear as well.