Shadow of the Colossus fanart. Phalanx, a flying serpentine colossus floats over a desert landscape littered with arches. Wander and Agro chase the colossus with a raised sword. In the background the Main Temple can be seen. The foreground has the game's title.
Narrative illustration of the creation of a mushroom creature called a sporren. Other sporren gather in a cathedral to witness.
Illustration for Brandon McWilliam's piece "A case for the land and its stories" for Lucky Jefferson. A large figure formed from leaves cradles a globe. They are walking over a valley lake at night. The composition is framed between two pine trees.
A poster design depicting a werewolf in the woods. The cycle of the moon leads to the wolf's head which is framed in the full moon. A severed hand hangs from it's mouth dripping blood into the pool at it's paws. Framing elements depicted wolfsbane flowers and a village.
Illustration of a poem titled "Shame" for Lucky Jefferson Literary Magazine. A person sits alone, high in a rough textured oak tree. Acorns and a wooden spoon stick out of knot holes.The moon is large and orange in the background.
A Star Wars Bantha redesign inspired by the art of the Hopi and Navajo people. Luke's sand speeder have been reshaped into a sand sleigh pulled by a Bantha that's based on the desert peccary that lives on Hopi lands. In the background are the two stars of Tattoine and desert dunes.
Evangelion Unit 01 is mid scream, the shadows of its gullet framing Shinji who has a haunted look on his face. Framing the two on a mint green background are small Mass Produced Evangelion Units pointing lances at Shinji.