The Bayou Devil Beatboard

A bayou adaptation of “The Devil” by Guy de Manapassat.

First beat of Guy de Manapassat's "The Devil". Honore argues with the doctor and agrees to hire a nurse for his dying mother.

Beat one. Ma Bontemps has little time left to live. Her son Honore can’t afford to miss work to care for her. He argues with the doctor before agreeing to hire help.

Second Beat. Honore asks La Rapet to care for his mother for a flat rate. She agrees after inspecting Ma Bontemps' health.

Honore arrives at La Rapet’s house and asks if she’d watch his mother for a flat rate. She visits to check on Ma Bontemps’ health before agreeing to a flat rate.

Third beat. La Rapet is impatient because Ma Bontemps still lives. She plots to scare her to death and dresses like the Devil.

It’s been days since she came to watch Ma Bontemps and the old woman is still alive. La Rapet’s impatience grows. She warns Ma Bontemps against the Bayou Devil before dressing in a costume to scare her.

Fourth beat. La Rapet hides the evidence of her plot. Honore returns and pays her for watching his mother, none the wiser.

Having scared the old woman to death La Rapet rushes to cover her crimes. Honore arrives just as she packs away the costume. She makes off with her payment and Honore none the wiser.