Star Wars Redesign-Leia

A Star Wars Leia redesign inspired by Medea of Colchis from Jason and the Argonauts (1963). Leia's clothing resembles Carrie Fisher's iconic white dress while including patterned elements from Urartan/Colchis' historical art. Leia is being detained, Vader's lightsaber and shadow are in the foreground. Stormtroopers emerge from the shadows to grab her arms.

Redesign of Leia. Part of my reimagining of the Star Wars universe is bringing elements of George Lucas’ influences into the world. Leia’s original hair was inspired by a style worn by Hopi indigenous women. Lucas’s vision for Tatooine, where Leia’s family is from was inspired by the American West as depicted by John Ford. To combine these in Leia’s character design I based her features on those of Hopi indigenous people. Her clothing is influenced by Alderaan where she was raised which I designed based on Colchis from Jason and the Argonauts (1963) which influenced Carrie Fisher’s Leia design.