Sporren Worldbuilding

Narrative illustration of the creation of a mushroom creature called a sporren. Other sporren gather in a cathedral to witness.

Mycelysis illustration with crowds of sporren.

Color flats of mycelysis. Shows the basic linework and composition prior to rendering the crowd of sporren.

Color flats

Greyscale thumbnail of Mycelysis. Shows the basic composition and lighting of the mushroom cathedral.

Value thumbnail

Sporren final concept art. The creature is on all fours with a pile of teetering mushrooms sprouting from its back.

Final sporren concept

Pose sheet for the sporren concept. The creature is semi-bipedal due to an overwhelming mushroom growing out its back.

Sporren poses

Item sheet, exploring mushroom designs for the sporren concept art. The mushroom has a white cap, a tan stem, and pink gills.

Sporren mushroom designs

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