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RAWartists OVATION Show

Hello all. It’s time for a detailed announcement about my upcoming art showing. I’ve been invited to participate in OVATION, a RAWartists showing on the night of October 17th in Richmond. I and other artists from various disciplines will be showcasing our work. My display will consist of drawings, paintings, digital and traditional prints for viewing and for sale. But the OVATION show is so much more than that, there will be performance artists, musicians, fashion shows, makeup artists, sculpture, artisans and more. This will be a really fun night with plenty to see and do.
OVATION will run 7-11pm on October 17th in Richmond’s Hippodrome.
If you’re interested in coming it’s best to buy your tickets ahead of time. When you buy tickets online you’re directly supporting an artist’s ability to participate in the event. Here’s the link to my page where you can buy tickets.
If you follow me on Instagram keep your eye out for more updates and sneak peaks into what I’ll be showing. There’ll definitely be a post after the fact, recapping the show, don’t want anyone feeling left out. I’m really excited about this, it’s my first showing outside of a school/ university event and I hope to see you all there!

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