Jettisoned Comic Character Designs

Jettisoned character designs set together for a size comparison. Ireshta is 9 heads tall, Marra is 7 heads tall, and Rae is 6.5 heads tall.

Marraquin, Raetrice, and Ireshta character designs and height chart.

Marraquin character design. She is a small slender woman wearing a croptop, baggy pants and a cloak. Her features and cloak are inspired by hawks. Marraquin character design. The character's face in profile, facing forward, and in 3/4 view. Her hair is pulled back and her forehead and nosebridge are naturally colored blue.

Marraquin character and head turns. She’s the impatient co-pilot of the Peregrinus. Marra’s main desire is to explore the uncharted regions of the galaxy. No one’s quite sure what’s she’s looking for.

Raetrice character design. Full body design of the floating robot. Their head, torso, hands and pauldrons float independently. Ornamental acanthus leaves cover their body. Raetrice character design head turns. The robot's floating head in profile, facing forward, and 3/4 view.

Raetrice character and head turns. They’re the more even-keeled co-pilot of the Peregrinus. Rae helps with Marra’s unending quest for exploration cause it gives them a chance to meet new friends.

Ireshta character design. They are the natural embodiment of their planet. A tree grows from their torso and small shrubs and fungus grow near the hem of their clothing. Ireshta character design. The character's head in profile, facing forward, and in 3/4 from behind. In most instances their face is covered by the foliage growing from her body.

Ireshta character and head turns. They are the embodiment of the planet they live on, The crater on their back reflects the meteor impact that brought the Blight to their world. They’ve spent their time fighting it ever since.