Jettisoned Comic

Jettisoned Page 1. Marraquin and Raetrice depart from a spaceport to explore uncharted space. Their ship, Peregrinus, resembles a hawk as it flies into hyperspeed. Jettisoned pages two and three. The Peregrinus is pulled out of hyperspeed by the gravity of an unknown planet. Marra and Rae make an emergency landing in the hopes of surviving to chart the new planet. On their way down they spot signs of life right before a giant, mountainous creature rises from the trees below. Jettisoned page 4. The Peregrinus crashes into the creature which shatters. Down shot of the ship, tattered and smoking, there's a figure in the foreground. The newcomer raises vines from the earth to surround the Peregrinus before hopping onto the ship's roof. Jettisoned page 5. The newcomer hops off the ship and waves for Marra and Rae to come out. Marra is skeptical of the new person's intentions but Rae is hopeful. Rae and the newcomer chat, they say they can work on the ship. Raetrice mentions a blight before the newcomer summons vines around the ship again. Marra responds indignantly and Raetrice with concern. Jettisoned page 6. Marra skids to a stop between the new comer and the ship. Vines sink into the earth. The newcomer and Marra argue about who's to blame about the crashlanding and how Marra and Rae can safely leave the planet. While the others argue Raetrice discoverd a non-destructive way to remove the blight. Jettisoned page 7. Raetrice shows the others their removal method. The three discuss how to use it on the ship. Marra and Ireshta (the newcomer) butt heads again before the group breaks up to work. Jettisoned pages 8 and 9. Panels are overlaid on an isometric map of the ship, Peregrinus. Montaged scenes of the clean up. Rae floats blight fragments to Ireshta. Ireshta and Marra have a civil encounter when getting tools. The three are shown working on the ship's wing. Marra asks Raetrice for specific equipment.

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