First page of Inspirations. A black page with stars in the bottom right corner First spread of Inspirations. Stars fill the page and gain change color, pink with orange dots and blue diamonds. Second spread of Inspirations. Stone Canyon Nocturne by Charles Wright is imposed over white torn paper. Third spread of Inspirations. Mountains with a large star superimposed. An erasure poem's on the right, it's lines cross the mountain. Fifth spread of Inspirations. The left page has an erasure poem in the top of a cropped star. Left has streaks and stars. Fourth Spread of Inspirations. Three large stars filled with images in the foreground. A line from Stone Canyon Nocturne. Sixth spread of Inspirations. Left, plants spread indoors from a window. Right, a tiger eye with a star is framed in orange. Seventh spread of Inspirations. A tiger fills the frame, stripes across it and an erasure poem. Pink stars in the background. Eight spread of Inspirations. Left, a panel of pink clouds. Right a comic page with pink clouds and a painting edited in. Ninth spread of Inspirations. A quote about nothingness surrounded by blank space. Tenth spread of Inspirations. Dead bird with a star eye. A star-filled with stone opposite it. An erasure poem is at the bottom Eleventh spread of Inspirations. White stars fade into black.

This is an artist book made in response to the prompt Inspirations. I was limited to using three images of my own and files from a shared folder. The resulting book is a combination of photocollage, original and erasure poetry, digital drawing, and design. I use a star motif to reference the old tradition of divine inspiration from the heavens. Much of the imagery and text that I use and compiled also draws inspiration from nature.

This book is available for purchase on Blurb