A Light That Beckons Home Development

A special thanks to my family for their support during quarantine and for lending their voices to this project.

Reference sheet for A Light That Beckons Home. Denny, their family, and the deer are depicted. The house plan is sketched out

Reference sheet for the animatic. This has the character line-up, the house plans, and the designs for the deer spirit.

A beatboard for A Light That Beckons Home. Denny follows a letter from their friend for a last goodbye before moving.

Beatboard for the adaptation. 

First storyboard for A Light That Beckons Home. Denny packs boxes. The camera shows the closed sign for their neighborhood. Second storyboard. Denny and family (mom, dad, and brother) load the moving truck. The title shows on the back of the truck. Eighth storyboard. Denny opens the letter by a pond. The wind blows it down. There's a splash and a mysterious light. Ninth storyboard. The mysterious light is revealed to be a spirit deer with water antlers. It crosses the pond to greet Denny. Fifteenth storyboard. Denny's family are ready to move. Denny writes a postcard to their friend with a drawing of the deer.

Some of the storyboards for the animatic, there’s way too many post here.